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From August 23 to September 1, I will be travelling to Israel as part of an 8 person delegation representing Australia at the Asian Science Camp. During the six day camp, around 200 talented young people will join Nobel Laureates and world class researchers to share their science experience through plenary sessions, round table discussions and student master classes. There will also be social and cultural events to enjoy.

I currently study Mechanical Engineering and Business at University and want to share my love of maths and science with all of Australia. This blog is about connecting Australia with the camp, by providing a medium through which students can comment and ask questions about the camp and the speakers. With any luck, I'll be able to ask your questions and get some answers.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Day 7: Day Tripper!

It's the second last day of the camp and we celebrated in style with a day off science, touring Jerusalem and Tel Aviv. We started in the old city again, where we walked through the Christian and Muslim quarters (enjoying a little bit of shopping on the way) before stopping at the Western Wall. We also enjoyed a visit to the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, the most holy place in Christianity, the location where Christ was crucified. This tour was a very exciting cultural experience which was a lot of fun to experience, although there is a lot of walking involved.

We ran out of time on our tour to visit the archaeology site of the Temple Mount which was disappointing, but we were able to watch a virtual tour of the Second Temple and see a few artefacts. What is so magical about Jerusalem is the historical and cultural value it holds. The Old City is 3000 years old and even without going to archaeological digs, one can continually find buildings and places that were created years ago. It is truly a magical city and I am lucky to have had to opportunity to visit.

We jumped aboard the bus for a 45 minute trip across the country to Tel Aviv, a more modern city. We spent the afternoon on a tour of Jaffa, the old city that Tel Aviv was built around. It is a beautiful old city with many layers and so much history. We visited the Church of St. Peter, which faces west and was built to celebrate the vision Peter had instructing him to take Christianity to the world. The weather in Tel Aviv is very different to Jerusalem, it is much much more humid and reminded me a bit of home.

Our next stop was a fantastic song and dance show called Mayumana. This is a fantastic show which combines looping, dance, sound effects, drama and live music to create a unique and intoxicating show that takes the audience on a journey in a humorous and awe-inspiring way. It was a fantastic show that I really enjoyed. My biggest disappointment is that it doesn't tour.

Finally, we had dinner at a restaurant before being let loose across the harbour. Because I couldn't help myself, I found Max Brenner and enjoyed the original Israeli menu in such a delicious restaurant. I'm sorry, but these photos are too delicious to not share.

Tomorrow is our final day! :C

We will be having a large series of lectures before presenting our poster and participating in the Closing Ceremony. As Australia flies out almost straight away, there may not be time for a post until I get home. I will do my best to post as soon as possible. Don't forget - I'm still live tweeting the lectures (@elyse_h)

See you all soon!

(Note: Due to slow Internet connection my photos will be uploaded later. Check back :D)

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